The best Monetization tool for your Games

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A winning solution to reach casual gamers.

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Distribution, Acquisition, Monetization, Retention.

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Developers - The best Monetization tool for your Games

Sick of integrating "money-making" SDKs into your game only to find out after all that work, you got minimal revenue lift from it and it negatively impacted your gameplay? We have the solution which focuses on HELPING game developers monetize their users outside the game while increasing user retention and re-engagement of existing customers.



Advertisers - A winning solution to reach casual gamers.

Sending.IO allows advertisers to engage with game users OUTSIDE the Facebook, Google and Apple advertising platforms.

Our Services - Distribution, Acquisition, Monetization, Retention

With a simple game-level API integration, users opt-in with their email, for our exclusive daily rewards newsletters. We trade your virtual currency, rewards or unique content for real advertising money. By bringing rewards to your users OUTSIDE the game and into their INBOX.

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Company - vision

User experience is always the first for us. We focus on providing the most user friendly monetization solutions for game developers, and we care about the user experience as much as you do. Our solutions monetize users and satisfy their gaming experience at the same time, which means users won't be disturbed by tons of ads anymore, all the monetization process is outside of the game.